Marker organization and storage tips!

New year new start I guess 🙂 I’ve been very non serious about blogging since my best buddy created it for me in 2010 I believe. A lot of changes happened in my life since then including doing my MBA, getting engaged during it, getting married after it, moving to the states, having 2 children so on and so forth. But finally at the end of this year it feels like now is the time I finally can do it. At least I’ll challenge myself to keep up with it even if its one post a week to may be 3 if I am feeling adventurous 😉

So for a fresh start I’ve decided to declutter and reorganize my stuff (don’t we all) and for that series my first thing that I tackled was my markers. So I came upon a video by Jennifer McGuire in which she talked about her latest way that she has reorganized her markers ( I’ll link here if I can— Need to learn how to do that) and that gave me an idea to do a twist on in. My markers were organized like her acrylic drawers for 2 years when I had the luxury of a craft room. Then we moved into our tiny home where my craft space is in my kitchen so everything gets into kids hands so I stowed them away. I didn’t make swatches like her that was the only difference.

So finally I got my markers out again. Not making the swatches for my previous 2 again for now (they are swatched on the caps like her previous system) but got Arteza markers on her recommendation and since they don’t have names on them so decided to do it on them. First of  all I took a large sheet of watercolor paper and swatched all 48 on them like this with the help of an aqua brush (makes the process super fast) like this:


Then I cut them all into 1 inch strips like these:

Then I cut them into 1 inch squares and laid them down according to the sequence in the tray that they came in like this:

Then I used a scotch tape and taped them onto the individual markers like this. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that to my remaining markers someday. Super helpful.

Then I put them in an acrylic tray organizer from the container store. It’s the luxe acrylic large modular drawer. Initially got it for my makeup years ago but kids got into it so repurposed it for markers and now they fit the large markers like arteza and Tombows perfectly!

If you have tiny little humans getting into them like mine then you can also use these stackable units from ikea called KUGIS (box with lid) like I did previously and still do for all the “overflow” of markers I’ve (I’ve a lot that I intend to use finally) and they stack nicely like this. Perfect to keep away from those curious hands 😉

Hope you found this post helpful. If you’ve any questions leave them on the post below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Hope you get a very good and less colder start than us here for the new year! Cheers 🙂






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