Letter to my 2 month old…

Hi my cupcake!

My sweet little baby turned 2 months old today! I am pretty excited about it. Can’t believe it has already been 2 months! Time sure flies by. Just 2 months ago at the same time I was holding you in my hands for the very first time.  You have grown from just staring at me or smiling sometimes & crying a lot of times to a more smiling, better behaved & quite talkative baby. I hope you talk as much as you coo these days. That would make me really happy. You have done your baby things quite a lot like diaper blowouts, throwing milk on our shirts, peeing on us & all that jazz but I still love you to death 🙂  Although I am still struggling to be a good mommy but I am improving. I have started managing my time better than before & you my dear also seem to be falling into a good sleep schedule day by day which gave me back my sanity. Otherwise I used to feel like I m working like a machine (I still feel that all the time). 😉 But now I feel like I am getting at least some time to rest & do other activities as well. This post is dedicated to you my little wonder. Hope you get all the good that you deserve & a lot more! Be kind, be respectful, be brave, be generous and biggest of all ENJOY LIFE! And remember….Mommy is always there for you!

Good Luck!!

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