So for today’s blog post I decided to write about the basic watercolor supplies that you should consider if you’re seriously considering to learn or do advance techniques in water color. 

First and most important of all is the kind of watercolor paper. This was definitely a game changer for me when I started learning the water colors seriously. The teacher in the class I took put emphasis on the importance of it and she was definitely right. I’d recommend 100% cotton watercolor paper (the brand or type doesn’t matter). It’ll give you the best results. And not getting the results specially if you are a beginner can be quite frustrating. The student grade water color paper is fine if you’re doing line and wash technique but not for wet on wet and glazing etc. My personal favorite is Arches 140 lbs cold press pads. I get them from dick blick or jerry online or even Michael’s with a coupon. If you want to have a more affordable option on a block of watercolor paper I’d say go for Stonehenge aqua or fluid 100% cotton.

Then comes the brushes. For this I love my Black velvet round and flat brushes by Silver bush company. They’re the best ones that I’ve. I also used Princeton brushes initially. Heck I started out with Ikea brushes which are like $2 for a set and managed to achieve good enough results from those too till my fancy brushes arrived. Good brushes are important when you get into advance techniques. For simple coloring even inexpensive student grade brushes do the trick too.

And then comes the paint. I started out with the sketchbook from Sakura Koi. Then I ordered the M. Graham’s fro the recommendation of a youtuber and loved them! But the only problem with them is if you travel with them they leak in the pallete as they are bound by honey I believe. So I started getting Daniel smiths on the recommendation of Sandy Allnock. She even hooked me on to the Silver brushes and never looked back. The Daniel Smith essentials set of 6 tubes is good enough and reasonably priced to start out and you can get various color combinations from these. I wrote a blog post about it

It is very useful for all the combinations you can get with just those 6 colors. Apart from these obvious supplies there are some more that I think would be helpful for you. First is the watercolor click and go cup by Faber castell. it’s easy to stash away and the groves on the top keeps the brushes from rolling around the table. I’ve 3 at my home. For me and my kids. They love to use watercolors too 😉

Another useful thing is a ceramic flower palette or even a plate to mic your colors. Ceramic is important and better after going through my fair share of plastic ones I think because it cleans up completely without staining and lasts longer too. A few pipettes or a dropper bottle is also good if you want to add water to the paints to re wet them. Paper towels or even microfiber cloth are good to blot the brushes. That’s all I can remember now with kids continuously interrupting me. I’ll add more later and more pictures too.

If you guys have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll reply to them ASAP 🙂

Have a great Monday!


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