Dry bar Buttercup Blowdryer Review

I know. I know it feels weird about writing a post about a $200 blow dryer and for it to be a positive one but I just couldn’t help it. So I thought I’d write about why I decided to fork out that kind of money on a blow dryer when the only time I ever forked money over getting a professional to do my blow dry was on my own wedding. That’s it. I could never justify spending that kind of money over hair let alone hair tools. I should also mention that when it comes to hair styling I am very lazy in that department. I can alot hours to do my makeup (if I get that sort of time after becoming a mom), because I find it therapeutic. But when it comes to hair styling I just don’t have the patience to do it although I love it when I have a good hair day but that’s just not my thing. Which brings me to find my search for a fast and less damaging hair styling tool.

Ever since I was 16 my mom got me a hair straightener to manage my thick and frizzy hair on my request. It was like magic. I could straighten my hair in half hour at that age and when I came to USA in my early 20s and the weather of East coast triggered my Psoriasis which lead to a ton of hair loss I still didn’t learn my lesson and continued to use heat on my hair which was falling because now it took me 15 minutes max to get somewhat decent looking hair. But I thought it over after a few months of losing hair and started using a blow dryer that you get from the drugstore to at least not get that much of a heat damage as a straightner caused. It took me a lot of time to achieve the look of somewhat decent hair from the blow dryer which was fine by me but after my daughter was born I just didn’t have any time to fuss with it.

So I started putting my hair in a bun to avoid styling them at all. It went for like 18 months then I realised it is enough. No matter how good of makeup I put on my hair was just messing up my look and started making me look way more aged than I am. So for the ease of use I went back to the old habit of fast styling by a hair straightener. This went for a few months until I stumbled upon a video of someone doing blow dry with the cool setting on a higher end blow dryer which was way quicker and way less damaging to hair. I had that setting on my cheap blow dryer too but the button didn’t lock so I had to hold the button the entire time to blow dry like that which was just too much for me so I quit after like 2 times of doing it.

Then I started to do search for a better blow dryer and came across the awesome reviews of The drybar buttercup blow dryer. I was so skeptical at first that how could anyone justify spending that kind of money on a blow dryer but after reading the features I was sold. It was supposed to be quieter, faster, more powerful and had a cool shot button. On top of that it was manufactured by the same company who make $350 blow dryers and are used in a lot of professional salons. So I thought lets give it a shot. If I didn’t like it I can always return it to Sephora (they have awesome return policy). Hence I took the plunge and I am hooked.

First of all it is definitely way quieter than my cheap blow dryer. No more ringing in my ears from the noise of blow dryer 😛 Secondly it is so fast and powerful that I am just amazed every time I use it and it has been like 6 months of me using it! It takes me 10 minutes to do a quick blow to make my hair look presentable and 20 minutes if I am being very conscious about giving them a straight yet voluminous look. This has completely changed my hair game. I no longer fear blow drying my hair. My thin hair now looks pretty good and voluminous. I have way less hair damage as compared to a hair straightener (no matter what anyone says even if you use the best straightener on the market which I did thanks to my mom’s generosity it still causes way more hair damage than a blow dryer) and I am a living proof of that.

Bottom line:  Yes I love this blow dryer and don’t regret splurging on it a bit. If I could do it over again I would get the same blow dryer with extra hair tools and samples for $10 more which was not available at the time I purchased it at sephora. But regardless I love it and feel no shame in admitting that I spend this sort of money on a blow dryer. Oh and by the way I use the cool shot feature to blow dry 80% of my hair and use heat on the remaining 20% to make it sleek. Which means even less hair damage. Hope this post was helpful to anyone who was on edge to spend this kind of money on a hair styling tool. If you are lazy when it comes to hair like me and want lesser damage then go for it. You won’t regret it one bit 😉

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