Back to the blogging with Jane Davenport’s inspirational artwork!

Hello internet peeps!

Long time as always. But this time I am back for the good. You see after listening to a lot of podcasts and advice I’ve realized that I have been spending a lot of my attention on the wrong things over the past few years. So I am going to change that. And one of that is getting back into blogging and limiting the amount of time I spend on the social media machine which just adds to my anxiety and really isn’t as good for me personally.

To get me back into my mojo I thought why not go back to what I always loved and always gave me joy since I was a child. Books! So from today (not even going to wait for new year) i am going to read one book a week. Whether it’s art, business, motivation, whatever floats my boat. After my 1st one was born, I thought I never had time to read a book. But now I’ve realized that it’s not that I don’t have time, it’s just that I’ve been wasting my tie on the wrong things in life. Sure kids take a lot of my time and it can be draining a lot of days, but if instead of using social media to “refresh’ my mind, what if I read a book and blog too! And what if instead of using Social media to get inspiration and getting sucked into it, I took inspiration from the books written by the artists themselves. So that’s what I am going to do from today throughout the next year. Like an experiment. I’d call it the happiness experiment.

I am going to do write down all the things that weigh me down or give me anxiety and write what I can do about them and actually do it! One of those things is social media and specially instagram. You know that game that darn algorithm plays with you to keep up. I won’t let it get to me anymore. Instead of trying to keep up with it, I’ll ignore it and see how it goes. I’ll only give myself permission to post on instagram, if I’ve a blog post already written that goes with it. And blog posts take time. So that’s essentially a good self accountability thing. Secondly I am going to read more books instead of being sad about missing those good ol reading days, and write a book review post every week. That’ll help me both being accountable and read it with enough attention to actually write a review. So by the end of the next year I should’ve at least 52 book reviews if not more.

I recently heard a very inspiring saying, “we live in a world today where you can do anything. But just because you can do anything, you don’t have to do everything”. That’s what is going to be my mantra from now on. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I’ve to!!! I am only one person, and just like the rest of you, I also have only one life. And I am going to give myself permission to live it with as little anxiety and self degradation as possible. Because as moms, we are our worst critics. Along with the world of course. Yes I’ve a lot on my plate, but I am going to try to make this a simple plate of few good quality ingredients rather than a mix of a lot of ingredients that do go well together. Going to completely declutter my house and mind and try to only keep what makes me truly happy. Phew! I’ve got a lot more that I feel like writing here but it’s getting late, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll save it for a future post 😉

PS: the image in this post is what I ended up making from going through Jane Davenport’s book, “Beautiful faces”. Her paintings are magical. I wan’t really happy about what I was drawing but my 5 year old looked at my image and said Mommy, you’re drawing a Mermaid!! And that totally made my day and made me to continue to finish it. She really wanted me to make the brows pink, so may be I’ll do that next time. This time I tried to blend both Jane’s style and my style together. So I made it digitally. I also made a GIF of it which sparkles but can’t figure out how to post here so I’ll post it on my instagram. See. I can only post there if I have a post here! Yayee. It’s already working.

Have a good Monday guys! We can do it!!



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