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DIY Chalkboard card

Hi friends!

Today I got inspired by a card I saw today to dive into my supply & make it with my own twist on it. Since I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of dollars into the supplies used on that card I decided to use my own brain & find a way to do my own. And guess what? I love the results! Even more so than the one I was inspired by! So friends, I present to you my chalkboard style card!! Doesn’t it look like a real miniature chalkboard? I know right? I love how it turned out. So without further blabbering, here are the steps on how I made it:

1) First of all I used a woodgrain background stamp from Stampin up that I had on a light brownish card stock from Recollections. Then I heat embossed it with clear embossing powder from ranger using Versamark ink as the base.

2) Then I cut it into half inch strips. Since I was using the stamp which was already divided into approximately half inch wood planks, I used it as a guide and cut along those lines.

photo 3

3) After that I cut strips of the same length as the wood plank cut outs from that same beige card stock.

4) Then I placed the wood planks in the position of a chalkboard & glued them with tombo mono multi glue. I used this one because it is a strong hold glue & is tacky as well which gives you a bit of wiggle room to move your pieces around before it dries which is always helpful (specially if you are like me an tend to move your project pieces a lot before deciding where to place them) 😉

5) Then I temporarily adhered the frame that I made from this on my craft mat with a washi tape (which peels off without any fuss) and placed the beige card stock cutouts that I made (which were on the non stamped piece) in the same formation by using the frame as a guide & made a replica of that initial frame that I made.

6) After that I cut a black card stock into 4.5 by 8 inches and scored it at 4 inches mark. Then I folded it along the score line. Then I glued the two frames I made on the front and back of black card stock. The stamped frame was glued in the front and the non stamped one on the back. And there you have it a chalkboard style card.

photo 2

photo 1

7) After that you can stamp some sentiment, or image or even write your own with white colored pencils, crayons, etc. Just customize it the way you want it 🙂

Tip: Instead of stamping the woodgrain background you can print out a woodgrain background from internet, use a piece of scrap paper with wooden background or even hand draw it. You don’t have to go out & buy a stamp to do it. I did it because I had it in my stash and I have been trying to find a creative way to use it. Hope to was helpful. Do share with me what you make on social media. Happy crafting!

An update & a haul

Hi folks,

I got a really awesome advice yesterday while watching a video. The advice was that to keep up with blogging as a busy mom, I should dedicate the time while my morning coffee (in my case tea) is brewing, and take on from there. As I thought about it, I realized how practical it was. I have been wanting to post on my blog for a while but couldn’t seem to get a good amount of time to do it. The time is not going to come & say here I am, I have to make an effort to do it myself. If i have bits of 5 and 10 minutes through out the day I should seize them & try to post something. So I am going to do that from today 🙂 I recently got a few stamps, ATG and a whole lot of card making supplies from Michaels. It was good. Been making a few cards recently. Will post them soon. I also got some material to make scrapbook for my kiddo ( If she allows me to make it ) :p Life has been good but a whole lot busy. But I am not going to complain. Busy is better than being idle 🙂 I am also going to join Stampin’ Up from March as a hobbyist. Let’s see how that goes. So till then happy crafting folks!

New Year, New Goals….Hello 2014!

Hi Guys!

Thought I would check in & tell you about some of my new goals that I’ve set for myself and working towards them. I am not going to say these are resolutions. They are just goals. Btw what I said about no longer coupon, I take it back. I would say I’ll coupon but not in an extreme way. I’ll only coupon here & there but won’t go crazy about missing a deal 😉 As they say never say never :p

First of all I recently chopped of 14 inches of my hair! That’s a lot to chop of & I did it by myself. I saw a couple of DIY hair cut tutorials on youtube, tried to remain relaxed (to avoid shaking of my hands) & I did it. Although I was scared as hell but I didn’t let that deter me from doing it. My hairs were past my butt and now they are just mid length I would say. This was one of my fears. I recently decided to start challenging myself to conquer my fears as much I can & this was one of them & I did it 😉

The second recent goal that I decided to pursue is to try to eat as much healthy as I can. I am going to try to reduce eating out (it’s not that I eat out daily) but eating out definitely is unhealthy. One of my fears is eating the vegetables outside my comfort zone. I am a fan of very few vegetables & they are pretty much what I stick to eating when it comes to eating a vegetarian meal. I am trying to incorporate new & more vegetables in my diet now. So I am looking at different vegetarian recipes these days & trying them out. I’ll share my food recipes soon on the blog. That is also one of my goals.

Another goal that I have set for myself is to reduce weight. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. A lot of it was water weight. On top of that I had to have an emergency C-Section because my OBGYN screwed up my case. So I didn’t have the energy to try to do exercise or the courage with C-Section pain & low calorie diet was not an option since I am exclusively breast feeding. So now that my daughter is four months old and i am going to soon incorporate some solids in her diet (hopefully she’ll embrace them well) I have decided to reduce a little bit of calories in my diet & to eat healthy even if I eat a lot and to incorporate some sort of exercise in my daily routine.

My fourth goal is to become more organized. I used to be pretty organized till college but then University happened & during university I got engaged & married. So many changes happened in my life so suddenly that I was not able to cope up with it that quickly & my organizational habits got lost. I’ve recently realized that one of the reasons that I am not as productive as I used to be is because of the fact that I am not organized any more. So from the start of january I am going to start planning my days in advance. May be keeping a journal would help. I’ve never done that but I’ve seen it help other people so I may just try it as well.I have already started organizing my home & at the end of the day when I see an organizational project completed it just makes me happy and I feel fulfilled somehow.

I have also decided to start getting back into the habit of reading books. I was such a nerd when it came to books. I used to read course books, novels, inspirational books, magazines, etc and since marriage all I read is online articles or blog posts. So I am definitely going to try to get back into book reading. It used to be my favorite hobby. It’s funny how life changes you. At one point all I cared about was books & now I haven’t read a complete book in two years apart from my esthetics course books). But this time instead of more novels I am going to focus on self development, positive thoughts and inspirational type books (we can all try) so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Another goal of mine is to get back in touch with my artistic side. Since my baby I have kind of lost interest in it. I recently hand made some Christmas gifts & cards for my neighbors & they turned out pretty darn good (not being narcissist here :p). So I was like hey, may be I should start doing these fun activities & DIYs again. I might share with them on the blog too.

Ahhh, I have too many goals. If I post them all here this might turn into a short novella by itself. So I’ll stop writing now. The most important goal is to focus on being positive & surround myself with happy thoughts & happy people. Because at the end of the all that matters is how you’ve lived your life. Were you able to keep your family healthy? Were you able to make them happy? Did you get happy in doing so? Were people that you surround yourself with were happy as well? Did you manage to make a good change in their life or caused them to smile? Even if a stranger gets happy by seeing me smile I would feel as if I’ve ached something. Life is too short to think about negative thoughts. Let go of that negative emerging that you are building up inside you & fill yourself with positive thoughts & emotions. Try it & see how much better & fulfilled you’ll feel. I guess I’ve ranted quite a lot. Happy holidays everyone & hope to write again soon.


Take care!

Letter to my 2 month old…

Hi my cupcake!

My sweet little baby turned 2 months old today! I am pretty excited about it. Can’t believe it has already been 2 months! Time sure flies by. Just 2 months ago at the same time I was holding you in my hands for the very first time.  You have grown from just staring at me or smiling sometimes & crying a lot of times to a more smiling, better behaved & quite talkative baby. I hope you talk as much as you coo these days. That would make me really happy. You have done your baby things quite a lot like diaper blowouts, throwing milk on our shirts, peeing on us & all that jazz but I still love you to death 🙂  Although I am still struggling to be a good mommy but I am improving. I have started managing my time better than before & you my dear also seem to be falling into a good sleep schedule day by day which gave me back my sanity. Otherwise I used to feel like I m working like a machine (I still feel that all the time). 😉 But now I feel like I am getting at least some time to rest & do other activities as well. This post is dedicated to you my little wonder. Hope you get all the good that you deserve & a lot more! Be kind, be respectful, be brave, be generous and biggest of all ENJOY LIFE! And remember….Mommy is always there for you!

Good Luck!!

7 trips & tricks for using a spoolie brush

Yes friends you read it right. Today I am going to talk about the different tips & tricks to use our faithful spoolie brush. This multi-tasking tool is a must have in the arsenal of both a makeup artist & the beauty enthusiast alike. You can use the disposal one (which makeup artists tend to use to avoid any bacteria transfer) or use a stand alone one that you can find under $15 one believe if you are the only one using it. You can also use your old mascara wand by simply washing & drying it. That is a good way of going green 😉

  1. Use it to groom your brows. The fun part is you can use it both for natural looking or bold looking brows. It just depends on how you use it. If you want a natural look then after applying the eyebrow product (powder,gel,pencil,etc) comb it through the brows in the direction of brow growth. For a bolder look keep your hand light while brushing it through so that lesser product clings to it and you can have stronger looking brows if that is what you are aiming for. I personally like softer & less defined brows but to each his own 🙂
  2. You can also keep your brows in place by spraying some hair spray on it and using it on your brows. Just don’t spray a ton otherwise you’ll end up with crunchy fake looking brows 😉 This saves you from spending money on those expensive brow gels!
  3. Did you ever get a clump which you couldn’t crush? Use it to fan out your lashes after mascara application. It works really well & you can easily avoid those fake looking spidery & clumpy lashes which a lot of volumizing mascaras tend to do ( I am just a fan of long yet separate lashes) ;).
  4. It can also be used to use one mascara on multiple people without getting an infection. Just dip spoolie brush in mascara tube & take it out. Remove the excess on the sides of the tube and use it on your lashes. Don’t double dip because that is going to transfer the bacteria from your or someone else’s eyes into your mascara tube. If you feel like your lashes need more mascara then use a fresh spoolie & dispose of the old one. I know this is not environment friendly in any way but that is what us makeup artists are required to do. That is why the shape of the mascara wand is not the selling point to us, it is the formula that matters (unless the client provides his own mascara or is willing to pay for a new tube of mascara used exclusively on them)
  5. You can also bend the spoolie brush to apply mascara to the inner side of lashes since the spoolie is normally thinner on the outer side & is bendable. It also makes it easier to apply mascara on lower lashes by bending it.
  6. To exfoliate your lips use your favorite lip balm (not the $30 one), some sort of lotion or petroleum jelly and coat your lips with it and then use a spoolie to gently buff away dead skin cells. After that simply wipe your lips off with a towel and apply some lip balm or glycerin if you have really dry lips because it works like a charm 🙂
  7. Use it as a tool to keep away those pesky flyways that we tend to get when making a ponytail, fishtail, hair bun, etc by simply spraying some hair spray on it & combing it back.

Hope these tips were helpful guys. If you have more tips & tricks for using these spoolies do leave them in the comment bar below. I would love to read them & learn more (I believe in mutual learning). Until next time, take care!

A small staples Haul (my first experience with couponing)!!!

So guys I am back again after a couple of days. Been unpacking & all for the past few days. Since I am gonna be a mom soon so I thought why not try to find out ways to save money? I have heard about people using coupons to save money but never bothered to consider doing it myself because I thought that is both a waste of time and all you’ll manage to save is a few cents here & there. But boy was I wrong! I started watching a couple of videos to find out about how couponing works & I must say I was shocked! People & have been saving tons of money just by using coupons in a timely manner & getting so many things for free about which I always used to complain specially in the personal care section! So after getting inspired by those videos I thought why not try something fool proof in the beginning. So I have been the staples rewards member for a couple of months now but never used their coupons because I thought that was just a way for them to lure me into buying & paying for stuff that I don’t need. After watching a couple of videos if krazy coupon lady I decided to give it a go. So there I was at the staples store trying my coupon of easy rebate & $3 off the purchase of photo supreme printer paper. All I had to pay was the tax which was a dollar something & I am practically gonna get that paper worth $15 for free! That is what I call a deal. I never thought you could save money on staples! My husband never knew about that either although he has been in USA for more than a decade now! It is so cool. I don’t know whether I’ll have guts to coupon more or do it in an extreme way (I doubt I could muster up the courage to do that) but I’ll try to save up a couple of dollars here & there from time to time & keep you guys informed about that.

Have a fun weekend!

Happy shopping 😉

Life update

Hello my lovely bloggers!

I know I have been MIA again but I was busy in a ton of things so couldn’t update my blog again. I know, I know, I always say that don’t I? Well now that I am a little bit free I’ll try to give this baby a little more time. First of all I was studying for my state boards to get the esthetics license & I am glad to say that I managed to pass it. Yayeee!!! So I am a licensed esthetician now 🙂 Secondly, my hubby recently got graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA degree with distinction (double thumbs up)!!! I am really happy for him. Thirdly, we have been moving from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania so that has also been taking a toll on me since I m in my 7th month of pregnancy 😉 We are staying in a hotel right now waiting for everything to be shipped here. Hopefully everything will turn out real nice. Fingers crossed 😉 So that was my update about what has been happening with me for the past 2 months. It’s a summary of course but at least I wrote something. I ordered some things online so I’ll soon be doing a haul post & other random posts as well since I have not decided to restrict this blog to one specific topic. That would be so boring. In the mean time enjoy every bit of life even the sad parts because you only get to live once! So try to make most of it 🙂 Love you guys & love my blog. So glad I managed to put my mind towards writing again. It’s been long!


Hope to see you soon guys!




Hi bloggers!

How are you guys? Welcome to my blog! I started this blog a few years ago as a hobby but got bored of it pretty quickly because I thought I didn’t have anything inspiring to write. So I stopped writing it. Finally revived it back so I am sorta back on track again I guess 😀 So many things happened in the past few years. Completed my MBA in HRM, learned makeup artistry, got married & moved to states. Then was a typical housewife for a few months not doing any jobs or anything like that & then got bored again (I get bored pretty easily) 😉 So I decided to join an esthetics school where I learned about skin care & all that jazz related to it & more makeup artistry! It was fun & a ton of studying. Didn’t expect that when I first entered it. Recently finished that. Started doing makeup on the side (on a small scale) with a few drug store & a few high end products just to get practice on different skin tones & to build a portfolio. Now looking into expanding my kit to the pro level & doing a ton of research on that. I am a very research oriented person. Very rarely do I buy anything on a whim (which happens only if the sales girl really sold me out on a product) when it comes to makeup. I watch lot of reviews, read them online etc, before making those purchases because I believe makeup is getting pretty expensive these days, even the drugstore ones, so I better spend my money wisely with the limited budget that I have for my shopping). So I thought why not start writing a blog about those things? I surely love to read other blogs & spend a ton of time watching tutorials on YouTube although more then half the looks I already know how to recreate myself, but I believe there is always a thing or two that you can pick up from another person & incorporate it according to different scenarios. So in this blog I’ll be posting my opinions on the makeup & other stuff that I buy, some tips about skin care (since I studied it why not share some knowledge), anything that I find inspiring, hauls (since I love to shop) & some random stuff that I feel to write about. You guys are most welcome to ask questions about skin care & makeup artistry. Hope you enjoy my blog & hope I get back into the routine of writing 😉 Wish me luck! Oh & did I forgot to mention? I love to draw & paint too. So welcome to the blog of a makeup artist & soon to be an esthetician as well!!

10 Things I Like About Aamnah

Here is a list of 10 things that I like about Aamnah Akram (the notorious blogger 😀 ) who also happens to be my best buddy:

  1. She is SMART ( stupid people just irritate her) :p
  2. She has an excellent sense of humor (which is sometimes difficult to understand) 😀
  3. She is a GENIUS ( a new generation Einstein in the form of a girl)!
  4. She has the ability to take risks (no matter what the consequences are)
  5. She has the ability to make me feel special (even if I am completely broke) 🙂
  6. She always pushes me to do something that I want to do rather than what I should do (as opposed to everyone else in my life) 😉
  7. She manages to find hope and cling to it even in the darkest of times ( She truly never gives up) 🙂
  8. She has good entrepreneurial skills ( even though she didn’t study about it)  😉
  9. She is very blunt, even if speaking the truth means affronting the other person she still says it 😀
  10. She is very particular about tiny details like a perfectionist (even though she won’t admit that 😉 )

An introduction to Game Theory (Lesson 1)

Dear Readers,

Hello again. Posting on this blog after a long time. I was busy juggling between my studies and other things. I still am, but, I’ve decided that I won’t neglect my blog any more . In short won’t be that lazy again :p So here is my new post. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

I’ve started taking an online course on my hubby’s “request” because he want me to learn more about my area of study with him, since I am doing MBA :p He could be quite bossy at times 😉 Enough gossip….Now let’s get back to the topic. So the course that I am taking is “An introduction to game theory”. I don’t know how long I’ll continue to take it, but as long as I do, I’ll keep you guys updated 😀

GTSo here is the summary according me of the first lecture.

In several types of situations agents have to think strategically. They have to take into account that their own actions influence the payoffs of other players, that other players are aware of this interaction, and that they adjust their own behaviour accordingly. Game theory analyses games with strategic interactions and tells us how rational players should play such games.

So in this lecture we played a game called “The Grade game”. In this game we were asked to do the following:

First of all we were to write the letters “alpha” or “beta” on a form without showing it to our neighbours.

Then, we were told that our form will be randomly paired with another form & neither us nor our pair would ever know with whom they were paired.

After that we were told that:

  1. If you put ”alpha” and your pair puts “beta” , then you will get grade A, and your pair grade C.
  2.  if both you and your pair put “alpha” , then you both will get grade B-.
  3.  if you put “beta” and your pair puts “alpha” , then you will get grade C, and your pair grade A.
  4.  if both you and your pair put “beta” , then you will both get grade B+.

After that the results were put in a matrix with both my (in rows) and my pair’s results (in columns). The choices made in this game i.e alpha & beta are called strategies while the grades like “B-” and “B+”, etc. are the outcomes. Will attach the matrices in my next post 😉

So now the question arises, what should a rational person choose in this Grade Game? Should he go with alpha or beta? Well that depends on the possible payoff that each outcome yields for that person and important that outcome is to that person. It is just a matter of priorities about which the game theory could do nothing. But what it could do is tell you how to play the game once the payoffs are known.

So the four important lessons derived from this lecture were:

  1. You should never play a strictly dominated strategy.
  2. Rational play by rational players can lead to bad outcomes .
  3. To figure out what actions you should choose in a game, a good first step is to figure out what are your payoff s (what do you care about) and what are other players’ payffo s.
  4. If you do not have a dominated strategy, put yourself in your opponents’ shoes to try to predict what they will do.

Hope you find it useful folks 😉

Have a great day!