A small staples Haul (my first experience with couponing)!!!

So guys I am back again after a couple of days. Been unpacking & all for the past few days. Since I am gonna be a mom soon so I thought why not try to find out ways to save money? I have heard about people using coupons to save money but never bothered to consider doing it myself because I thought that is both a waste of time and all you’ll manage to save is a few cents here & there. But boy was I wrong! I started watching a couple of videos to find out about how couponing works & I must say I was shocked! People & have been saving tons of money just by using coupons in a timely manner & getting so many things for free about which I always used to complain specially in the personal care section! So after getting inspired by those videos I thought why not try something fool proof in the beginning. So I have been the staples rewards member for a couple of months now but never used their coupons because I thought that was just a way for them to lure me into buying & paying for stuff that I don’t need. After watching a couple of videos if krazy coupon lady I decided to give it a go. So there I was at the staples store trying my coupon of easy rebate & $3 off the purchase of photo supreme printer paper. All I had to pay was the tax which was a dollar something & I am practically gonna get that paper worth $15 for free! That is what I call a deal. I never thought you could save money on staples! My husband never knew about that either although he has been in USA for more than a decade now! It is so cool. I don’t know whether I’ll have guts to coupon more or do it in an extreme way (I doubt I could muster up the courage to do that) but I’ll try to save up a couple of dollars here & there from time to time & keep you guys informed about that.

Have a fun weekend!

Happy shopping 😉

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