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Color chart mixing tip!

Hi guys!

Just thought to hop in to give a little tip on a thing I’ve been following these days. I’ve been really trying to master the art of watercoloring these days. A few days ago I took an intermediate online card class about which I wrote a post previously. Nowadays I am doing a #paintalongwithsandy in which basically Sandy Allnock who is an amazing fine artist is doing different landscape videos daily and providing sketches for the watercoloring she is doing so that we can follow along.

So her first exercise was to make a color chart with 6 colors that are basically the cool and warm versions of red, blue and green. The paints that she recommended and everything you can get from her blog post. But the color chart that results with these colors was the most difficult thing in my opinion so I thought about a “technical” and sort of worry proof way to do it and that is the tip I wanted to share with you guys today.

So in her blog post she shows how to mix these colors in to get a wide variety of new colors so that you don’t have to invest in a lot of colors to begin with which was pretty cool. The way she mixes is to take more part of one color and lesser of other to make a new one. Well for me that wasn’t working since sometimes it would either result in a stronger or poorer color since I am not really an expert in color mixing. 

Therefore what I did was develop a system to give me consistent results every time I try to get that exact color (I am ocd like that) I took a white laminated card stock. Then I dipped my number 6 round brush in the color and put 2 petal type strokes of that color on the laminated sheet of the same size approximately. Then I took the other color and put one petal like stroke of that color with those 2 colors and mixed them which resulted in the new color. Hope you can get an idea from the pictures since I don’t know if I am explaining it correctly or not. After I was done with the chart I also put the name and proportion of each color mixed on top of the new color for easy and quick reference for next time I want to make that color.

Step one: make a 7 by 7 grid. I used 0.25 inch washi tape instead of masking fluid to get clean straight lines. I also added some crosses to mark the areas where same colors will overlap so that I can leave them blank instead of painting 2 coats of the same color.


Step 2:  After marking both grids with colors I mixed them according to 1:2 or 2:1 ratio with the dominant color being on the top of the grid vertically and the other color in lesser quantity i.e one stroke being the horizontal color across the grid


Step 3:Then after mixing and making the color chart I added the ratios on top of each color formed after removing the washi tape and adding black line with a sharpie fine point. I wrote them in pencil in case I mess up the labelling.


Hope you find it helpful. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the steps and I’ll try my best to help you out 🙂

Happy painting!


Although false lashes are a huge trend right now, it’s just one of those things that I am just not willing to put my eyes through. I’ve sensitive skin and super sensitive eyes so I’ve to be really careful about what I put on them. I also have medium length (neither very long nor too short so keep that in mind). The hair color on my lashes is dark brown with almost blond at the tips so without mascara they appear shorter than they are but still not so short that I feel not going out without mascara 😉 So in order to achieve the look of longer and fuller lashes, here is what I do.

Technique #1:

For this first of all I use an eye lash curler. I’ve the one from Revlon. If you are looking for famous ones Sheisado makes one which is very popular or taste as well. I find that the Revlon one works for me so i didn’t purchase the more expensive one. I use it on my lashes 20 times at the base and 20 times at the top of lashes on each eyes. Be careful with this step. Don’t go over board and put a lot of pressure because that’d just rip your lashes off and don’t pinch your eyes too. It’s not a toy so proceed with caution :p

Then I use the Loreal mascara in the blue tube which has two wands. One that contain the white primer and the other contains the mascara. I only use the white primer side and give my lashes a couple of coats of that white base. I also comb out any spidery effect that I start getting (I just can’t stand that look but some people like it so choose what you wish). Then I let it still for a minute while I work on my other lash doing the same steps. After that I apply a couple of coats for the mascara that I am using those days. Than I comb out and separate the lashes again. BAM you got bigger fuller lashes without all the fake lashes and adhesives which irritates my eyes sometimes.

Technique # 2:

I use this technique only when I don’t have my Loreal primer not available. For this one you’ve to use 2 different mascara formulas i.e one that is waterproof and one that isn’t. I mostly try to use the ones that are the non waterproof ones on daily basis for going out because it it gentler on eyes (you must’ve noticed a theme going on by now :p). So first step is the same i.e curling the lashes with a lash curler. Then I use a few coats of waterproof formula (this helps in holding the curls) and comb it out. Then a couple of coats of non waterproof formula and then a final coat of waterproof one and keep operating the lashes with a lash comb or spooky whatever is available.

Note: It may not work for everyone since everyone has different eyes, length of lashes etc but do try if you want to glam up the eye makeup without going for fake lashes. I only shared because I was asked for it by a few people. Hope you find it useful 🙂