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Online card classes Intermediate Watercolor Class (Ballon and Diamond card for Valentines Day)

So I’ve recently started taking online card class for watercolors at the intermediate level. Watercolors have always been something that intimidate me and I don’t like being intimidated by anything when it comes to creating :p So I took the beginner level class year and it took some of the fear out of it but I was still unable to venture out much into it. Hence I decided to sign up for the second level class in this series and to follow through with doing the exercises on the daily basis and I must say I’ve mind blown!

This is definitely a must have class for those struggling with or intimidated easily by watercolors. The main instructor is Dawn from Wplus9 and she is AMAZING! I’ve never seen someone explaining the things the way she does when it comes to art and I come from a family of teachers and educators. So it is hard for me to get impressed by someone’s teaching skills but I must say she sure is Awesome (a Bob Ross in her own way) 😉

I am not going to post the pre class exercise because I don’t like the way it is coming out in pictures at all but I am going to post a few things here and there that I learnt from the class. It’s like 5 projects daily so can’t post them all daily so bear with me. They’ll come slowly 🙂 Also I don’t like the way my pictures are coming out for these projects. They aren’t doing them any justice at all. Haven’t seen much sun in the East Coast lately and I’ve terrible lighting at my apartment anyways which isn’t helping much either so will invest in those over the weekend. Hopefully that’ll improve the outcome.

One the few projects that I’ve done is the one is the one below. I used Koi Sakura pocket sketchbook watercolors. These aren’t bad but after making the swatch chart and learning what I learned I know I’ll have to invest in a few good ones soon. One more good take away from the class is that if you want to really learn how to watercolor and enjoy it then invest in good watercolor paper like Arches Cold or Hot press paper as mentioned in this class and boy that is true! I invested in them for the first time and they definitely did make all the difference in the world!

So here is the breakdown of what I used in the first card below:

FullSizeRender (2)

  • Quinacridone Rose, Crimson Lake, Auroline Hue and Purple colors from Koi Sakura Pocket Watercolors
  • Arches 140 lb cold press watercolor paper
  • Lots of hearts stamp set from simon says stamp for faint outline of hearts that I turned into balloons
  • You have my heart sentiment from Roses for you stamp set by Simon Says StampIMG_2553
  • Ranger Black Sparkle embossing powder
  • Uni Ball Signo Golden pen for Balloon Strings
  • Wink Of Stella Clear Glitter Pen for adding shimmer to the Black Card BaseIMG_2555
  • And a lot of Patience 🙂

For the second card below I used :


  • Jaune Brilliant, Quinacridone Rose, Crimson Lake and Auroline Hue colors from Koi Sakura Pocket Watercolors
  • Arches 140 lbs cold press watercolor paper
  • Skinny washi tape to make a grid for the diamond pattern in the background. You could just draw it with a ruler too but my OCD was too strong for the pencil lead to get trapped in the watercolor so I refrained :p
  • Glossy Accents to add the Glossy effect to the one Diamond in the middleIMG_2561
  • Wink of Stella Clear pen to add shimmer beneath the Glossy Accents on the Diamond
  • Sakura pigma Micron pen to handwrite the sentiment (You’re my Diamond in the Rough)
  • Sakura Stardust clear shimmer pen to add shimmer to the card base (which is 80 lbs Neenah solar white). Wasn’t going to add shimmer to this one but the Card base white was not going with the ivory tone of the watercolor color paper so had to tone it down.
  • And again A lot patience!

You have to remember when it comes to watercoloring you need to have patience especially when it come to air drying it. They will give you the best results. Trust me I’ve tried drying drying with heat gun but after trying air drying I must say the results are worth the patience (which you learn to have a lot of after your baby turns into a toddler :p )

Good luck! Hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did.

PS: I am also submitting this card to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Blog Challenge since I used a fair share of Red Color which is being washed out in the pictures (all if the pretty peach colors are too which is sad 🙁 ) Hopefully it’ll get better by next week!

Foreo Luna Review

Foreo2I must start by saying that I’ve always been tempted to use the skincare devices but my skin been sensitive hesitated at first. Then I took a plunge and tried Clarisonic 3 years ago and got such bad cystic Acne that I totally swore of ever trying any of these hyped about devices. If you are one of those whose skin do well with clarisonic then I envy you! I wish it worked for me.

Then came Foreo Luna. I tried to resist it a lot but after listening to many reviews and reading about it on beautypedia (an excellent resource that I recently found out about) I decided to give this one a try and I must say I was not disappointed!


Foreo Luna is an electronic skincare device that cleans your skin with a technology called T-Sonic technology. It is made up of silicone so it doesn’t harbor any bacteria. When you move this device on your face it sends pulses through T-Sonic technology which is supposed to help to loosen up the gunk, dead skin build up and any makeup read that is left behind from your face.

For those people with a very sensitive skin like mine Foreo Luna is a great option because the silicone bristles on it are quite gentle on the skin. I got the Pink one on Sale which according to their website is for normal/sensitive skin. They claim it to be a facial cleansing plus anti-aging device (can’t attest to the anti-aging claim myself) :p It has 8 speeds, is 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower and according to them once you fully charge it it’s full charge lasts upto 7 months! But that is with a minute of use daily and I definitely use it more than a minute daily. But still have been using it for 3 weeks now and the charge is still going strong!!

In a nutshell:

Pros of Foreo Luna:

  • Non abrasive and extra gentle for us sensitive skin folks
  • Upto 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute for deep and effective cleaning
  • No need for wash clothes ( payee to less laundry :p)
  • Quick drying and non porous silicone which prevents bacteria build up
  • No need to replace brush heads (how is that for savings and convenience!)
  • Small and compact so easy to travel with and store as well (specially since I have a tiny vanity mirror type closet in my washroom!
  • No need to charge for several months!


Price but it comes at par with other facial cleansing device and you save money in long run by not having to repurchase the cleansing heads repeatedly!

Here you go. Seems like a paid review now that I read it but I swear it’s not. I paid for it myself out of my own saving 🙁 It is just that great! Try it. You won’t regret it. If you have any more questions about the device that I may not have covered here then ask me in the comments. I’ll try to do my best to answer them. Happy shopping!