Monthly Archives: February 2014

An update & a haul

Hi folks,

I got a really awesome advice yesterday while watching a video. The advice was that to keep up with blogging as a busy mom, I should dedicate the time while my morning coffee (in my case tea) is brewing, and take on from there. As I thought about it, I realized how practical it was. I have been wanting to post on my blog for a while but couldn’t seem to get a good amount of time to do it. The time is not going to come & say here I am, I have to make an effort to do it myself. If i have bits of 5 and 10 minutes through out the day I should seize them & try to post something. So I am going to do that from today 🙂 I recently got a few stamps, ATG and a whole lot of card making supplies from Michaels. It was good. Been making a few cards recently. Will post them soon. I also got some material to make scrapbook for my kiddo ( If she allows me to make it ) :p Life has been good but a whole lot busy. But I am not going to complain. Busy is better than being idle 🙂 I am also going to join Stampin’ Up from March as a hobbyist. Let’s see how that goes. So till then happy crafting folks!