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New Year, New Goals….Hello 2014!

Hi Guys!

Thought I would check in & tell you about some of my new goals that I’ve set for myself and working towards them. I am not going to say these are resolutions. They are just goals. Btw what I said about no longer coupon, I take it back. I would say I’ll coupon but not in an extreme way. I’ll only coupon here & there but won’t go crazy about missing a deal 😉 As they say never say never :p

First of all I recently chopped of 14 inches of my hair! That’s a lot to chop of & I did it by myself. I saw a couple of DIY hair cut tutorials on youtube, tried to remain relaxed (to avoid shaking of my hands) & I did it. Although I was scared as hell but I didn’t let that deter me from doing it. My hairs were past my butt and now they are just mid length I would say. This was one of my fears. I recently decided to start challenging myself to conquer my fears as much I can & this was one of them & I did it 😉

The second recent goal that I decided to pursue is to try to eat as much healthy as I can. I am going to try to reduce eating out (it’s not that I eat out daily) but eating out definitely is unhealthy. One of my fears is eating the vegetables outside my comfort zone. I am a fan of very few vegetables & they are pretty much what I stick to eating when it comes to eating a vegetarian meal. I am trying to incorporate new & more vegetables in my diet now. So I am looking at different vegetarian recipes these days & trying them out. I’ll share my food recipes soon on the blog. That is also one of my goals.

Another goal that I have set for myself is to reduce weight. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. A lot of it was water weight. On top of that I had to have an emergency C-Section because my OBGYN screwed up my case. So I didn’t have the energy to try to do exercise or the courage with C-Section pain & low calorie diet was not an option since I am exclusively breast feeding. So now that my daughter is four months old and i am going to soon incorporate some solids in her diet (hopefully she’ll embrace them well) I have decided to reduce a little bit of calories in my diet & to eat healthy even if I eat a lot and to incorporate some sort of exercise in my daily routine.

My fourth goal is to become more organized. I used to be pretty organized till college but then University happened & during university I got engaged & married. So many changes happened in my life so suddenly that I was not able to cope up with it that quickly & my organizational habits got lost. I’ve recently realized that one of the reasons that I am not as productive as I used to be is because of the fact that I am not organized any more. So from the start of january I am going to start planning my days in advance. May be keeping a journal would help. I’ve never done that but I’ve seen it help other people so I may just try it as well.I have already started organizing my home & at the end of the day when I see an organizational project completed it just makes me happy and I feel fulfilled somehow.

I have also decided to start getting back into the habit of reading books. I was such a nerd when it came to books. I used to read course books, novels, inspirational books, magazines, etc and since marriage all I read is online articles or blog posts. So I am definitely going to try to get back into book reading. It used to be my favorite hobby. It’s funny how life changes you. At one point all I cared about was books & now I haven’t read a complete book in two years apart from my esthetics course books). But this time instead of more novels I am going to focus on self development, positive thoughts and inspirational type books (we can all try) so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Another goal of mine is to get back in touch with my artistic side. Since my baby I have kind of lost interest in it. I recently hand made some Christmas gifts & cards for my neighbors & they turned out pretty darn good (not being narcissist here :p). So I was like hey, may be I should start doing these fun activities & DIYs again. I might share with them on the blog too.

Ahhh, I have too many goals. If I post them all here this might turn into a short novella by itself. So I’ll stop writing now. The most important goal is to focus on being positive & surround myself with happy thoughts & happy people. Because at the end of the all that matters is how you’ve lived your life. Were you able to keep your family healthy? Were you able to make them happy? Did you get happy in doing so? Were people that you surround yourself with were happy as well? Did you manage to make a good change in their life or caused them to smile? Even if a stranger gets happy by seeing me smile I would feel as if I’ve ached something. Life is too short to think about negative thoughts. Let go of that negative emerging that you are building up inside you & fill yourself with positive thoughts & emotions. Try it & see how much better & fulfilled you’ll feel. I guess I’ve ranted quite a lot. Happy holidays everyone & hope to write again soon.


Take care!