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Letter to my 2 month old…

Hi my cupcake!

My sweet little baby turned 2 months old today! I am pretty excited about it. Can’t believe it has already been 2 months! Time sure flies by. Just 2 months ago at the same time I was holding you in my hands for the very first time. ¬†You have grown from just staring at me or smiling sometimes & crying a lot of times to a more smiling, better behaved & quite talkative baby. I hope you talk as much as you coo these days. That would make me really happy. You have done your baby things quite a lot like diaper blowouts, throwing milk on our shirts, peeing on us & all that jazz but I still love you to death ūüôā¬† Although I am still struggling to be a good mommy but I am improving. I have started managing my time better than before & you my dear also seem to be falling into a good sleep schedule day by day which gave me back my sanity. Otherwise I used to feel like I m working like a machine (I still feel that all the time). ūüėČ But now I feel like I am getting at least some time to rest & do other activities as well. This post is dedicated to you my little wonder. Hope you get all the good that you deserve & a lot more! Be kind, be respectful, be brave, be generous and biggest of all ENJOY LIFE! And remember‚Ķ.Mommy is always there for you!

Good Luck!!

7 trips & tricks for using a spoolie brush

Yes friends you read it right. Today I am going to talk about the¬†different¬†tips & tricks to use our faithful spoolie brush. This multi-tasking tool is a must have in the arsenal of both a makeup artist & the¬†beauty¬†enthusiast alike. You can use the disposal one (which makeup artists tend to use to avoid any bacteria transfer) or use a stand alone one that you can find under $15 one believe if you are the only one using it. You can¬†also¬†use your old mascara wand by simply¬†washing & drying it. That is a good way of going green ūüėČ

  1. Use it to groom your brows. The fun part is you can use it both for natural looking or bold looking brows. It just depends on how you use it. If you want a natural look then after applying the eyebrow product (powder,gel,pencil,etc) comb it through the brows in the direction of brow growth. For a bolder look keep your hand light while brushing it through so that lesser¬†product¬†clings to it and you can have stronger looking brows if that is what you are aiming for. I personally like softer & less defined brows but to each his own ūüôā
  2. You can¬†also keep your brows in place by¬†spraying¬†some hair spray on it and using it on your brows. Just¬†don’t¬†spray a ton otherwise you’ll end up with crunchy fake looking brows ūüėČ This saves you from spending money on those expensive brow gels!
  3. Did you ever get a clump which you couldn’t crush? Use it to fan out your lashes after mascara application. It works really well & you can easily avoid those fake looking spidery & clumpy lashes which a lot of volumizing mascaras tend to do ( I am just a fan of long yet¬†separate¬†lashes) ;).
  4. It can also be used to use one mascara on multiple people without getting an infection. Just dip spoolie brush in mascara tube & take it out. Remove the excess on the sides of the tube and use it on your lashes.¬†Don’t¬†double dip because that is going to transfer the bacteria from your or someone else’s eyes into your mascara tube. If you feel like your lashes need more mascara then use a fresh spoolie & dispose of the old one. I know this is not¬†environment¬†friendly in any way but that is what us makeup artists are required to do. That is why the shape of the mascara wand is not the selling point to us, it is the formula that matters (unless the client provides his own mascara or is willing to pay for a new tube of mascara used exclusively on them)
  5. You can also bend the spoolie brush to apply mascara to the inner side of lashes since the spoolie is normally thinner on the outer side & is bendable. It also makes it easier to apply mascara on lower lashes by bending it.
  6. To exfoliate your lips use your favorite lip balm (not the $30 one), some sort of lotion or petroleum jelly and coat your lips with it and then use a spoolie to gently buff away dead skin cells. After that simply wipe your lips off with a towel and apply some lip balm or glycerin if you have really dry lips because it works like a charm ūüôā
  7. Use it as a tool to keep away those pesky flyways that we tend to get when making a ponytail, fishtail, hair bun, etc by simply spraying some hair spray on it & combing it back.

Hope these tips were helpful guys. If you have more tips & tricks for using these spoolies do leave them in the comment bar below. I would love to read them & learn more (I believe in mutual learning). Until next time, take care!