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A small staples Haul (my first experience with couponing)!!!

So guys I am back again after a couple of days. Been unpacking & all for the past few days. Since I am gonna be a mom soon so I thought why not try to find out ways to save money? I have heard about people using coupons to save money but never bothered to consider doing it myself because I thought that is both a waste of time and all you’ll manage to save is a few cents here & there. But boy was I wrong! I started watching a couple of videos to find out about how couponing works & I must say I was shocked! People & have been saving tons of money just by using coupons in a timely manner & getting so many things for free about which I always used to complain specially in the personal care section! So after getting inspired by those videos I thought why not try something fool proof in the beginning. So I have been the staples rewards member for a couple of months now but never used their coupons because I thought that was just a way for them to lure me into buying & paying for stuff that I don’t need. After watching a couple of videos if krazy coupon lady I decided to give it a go. So there I was at the staples store trying my coupon of easy rebate & $3 off the purchase of photo supreme printer paper. All I had to pay was the tax which was a dollar something & I am practically gonna get that paper worth $15 for free! That is what I call a deal. I never thought you could save money on staples! My husband never knew about that either although he has been in USA for more than a decade now! It is so cool. I don’t know whether I’ll have guts to coupon more or do it in an extreme way (I doubt I could muster up the courage to do that) but I’ll try to save up a couple of dollars here & there from time to time & keep you guys informed about that.

Have a fun weekend!

Happy shopping 😉

Life update

Hello my lovely bloggers!

I know I have been MIA again but I was busy in a ton of things so couldn’t update my blog again. I know, I know, I always say that don’t I? Well now that I am a little bit free I’ll try to give this baby a little more time. First of all I was studying for my state boards to get the esthetics license & I am glad to say that I managed to pass it. Yayeee!!! So I am a licensed esthetician now 🙂 Secondly, my hubby recently got graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA degree with distinction (double thumbs up)!!! I am really happy for him. Thirdly, we have been moving from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania so that has also been taking a toll on me since I m in my 7th month of pregnancy 😉 We are staying in a hotel right now waiting for everything to be shipped here. Hopefully everything will turn out real nice. Fingers crossed 😉 So that was my update about what has been happening with me for the past 2 months. It’s a summary of course but at least I wrote something. I ordered some things online so I’ll soon be doing a haul post & other random posts as well since I have not decided to restrict this blog to one specific topic. That would be so boring. In the mean time enjoy every bit of life even the sad parts because you only get to live once! So try to make most of it 🙂 Love you guys & love my blog. So glad I managed to put my mind towards writing again. It’s been long!


Hope to see you soon guys!