Monthly Archives: March 2013


Hi bloggers!

How are you guys? Welcome to my blog! I started this blog a few years ago as a hobby but got bored of it pretty quickly because I thought I didn’t have anything inspiring to write. So I stopped writing it. Finally revived it back so I am sorta back on track again I guess 😀 So many things happened in the past few years. Completed my MBA in HRM, learned makeup artistry, got married & moved to states. Then was a typical housewife for a few months not doing any jobs or anything like that & then got bored again (I get bored pretty easily) 😉 So I decided to join an esthetics school where I learned about skin care & all that jazz related to it & more makeup artistry! It was fun & a ton of studying. Didn’t expect that when I first entered it. Recently finished that. Started doing makeup on the side (on a small scale) with a few drug store & a few high end products just to get practice on different skin tones & to build a portfolio. Now looking into expanding my kit to the pro level & doing a ton of research on that. I am a very research oriented person. Very rarely do I buy anything on a whim (which happens only if the sales girl really sold me out on a product) when it comes to makeup. I watch lot of reviews, read them online etc, before making those purchases because I believe makeup is getting pretty expensive these days, even the drugstore ones, so I better spend my money wisely with the limited budget that I have for my shopping). So I thought why not start writing a blog about those things? I surely love to read other blogs & spend a ton of time watching tutorials on YouTube although more then half the looks I already know how to recreate myself, but I believe there is always a thing or two that you can pick up from another person & incorporate it according to different scenarios. So in this blog I’ll be posting my opinions on the makeup & other stuff that I buy, some tips about skin care (since I studied it why not share some knowledge), anything that I find inspiring, hauls (since I love to shop) & some random stuff that I feel to write about. You guys are most welcome to ask questions about skin care & makeup artistry. Hope you enjoy my blog & hope I get back into the routine of writing 😉 Wish me luck! Oh & did I forgot to mention? I love to draw & paint too. So welcome to the blog of a makeup artist & soon to be an esthetician as well!!