10 Things I Like About Aamnah

Here is a list of 10 things that I like about Aamnah Akram (the notorious blogger 😀 ) who also happens to be my best buddy:

  1. She is SMART ( stupid people just irritate her) :p
  2. She has an excellent sense of humor (which is sometimes difficult to understand) 😀
  3. She is a GENIUS ( a new generation Einstein in the form of a girl)!
  4. She has the ability to take risks (no matter what the consequences are)
  5. She has the ability to make me feel special (even if I am completely broke) 🙂
  6. She always pushes me to do something that I want to do rather than what I should do (as opposed to everyone else in my life) 😉
  7. She manages to find hope and cling to it even in the darkest of times ( She truly never gives up) 🙂
  8. She has good entrepreneurial skills ( even though she didn’t study about it)  😉
  9. She is very blunt, even if speaking the truth means affronting the other person she still says it 😀
  10. She is very particular about tiny details like a perfectionist (even though she won’t admit that 😉 )

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Like About Aamnah

  1. I think “She is a Genius” and “She is smart” is kind of same.
    Similarly, “She has good entrepreneuial skills” and “She has ability ot take risks” also overlap a bit. Hence, you need to add two more things you like about her to make the count ten.

    1. Well I think it is my post and it should be my decision to breakdown the points or list them the way I want to :p
      So I won’t write anymore…….:p
      Although my original list contains more then 10 points 😀

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